Tuesday, February 27, 2018

When you mean nothing at all

stumbling rocks and weathered dreams
hopeful shoulders but uncertain feet
colored fragrances
fresh hues and unnoticed breaths
heaving mountains
the disappearing sun
all these shout out loud.

I found this in my drafts.And I have no idea what was going in my head then.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Not the end of the world

Him: Look its raining
Her : I don't hear anything
Him : Look out
Her: What the fuck is that !
Him: Rain
Her: I can fucking see that. Why is it raining upside down ?
Him: What comes down must go up . How about some hot 'adrak wali' chai ?
Her: Turn on the fucking TV. How the fuck is this not on the news...
Him: Ohkkay !!! 'I' will make the tea.
Her: Its on the news. They don't know whats happening.
Him: The Tea is ready .
Her: Actually I don't mind the tea. But is the world really ending ? Everyone is freaking out ,look at your phone.
Him:(Taking a sip) You know what ... something is wrong indeed ! Where did you buy the ginger from ? Don't tell me it was from ... !

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

And the credits rolled

Him : I have a mind blowing story in my head
She : And it will fizzle out as pen touches paper.
Him : Love the vote of confidence.
She : Why do you want reality to creep around the corner, when I am right here to dump it on you ...
Him : Except I don't think the words would ever bleed into paper.
She : Because, you are going to type it into a blog. ?
Him : It's too real.
She : Now, you are scaring me.
Him : Don't worry I am a chicken. I will not risk it all.
She : All stories are real , imagination is overrated.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Band of brothers. Episode 9 . No real spoilers here, unless you have been living under a rock all these years :). I keep going back to the theory , you cant really look away from a crash , no matter how bad. There is probably some analytical science behind it. What fuels our morbid curiosity ? Well that's a  story for another day.

Coming back to 'Band of Brothers'. I had to scourge the net to read the review of this gem of an episode.
And quoting from one of them

These are men who previously lived in a world where they did not know such a thing as the Holocaust was possible, but they are rapidly becoming all of us, who, of necessity, have its horrors seared into our memories, that it might never happen again.

The american soldiers discover one of the 'camps'. I have read many a stories and seen a movie or two about it.. But this episode hit home.

Monday, June 30, 2014

I came across this facebook page. 'Humans of New York'.
It's like Chicken Soup for the twitterified soul. Each story in Chicken Soup had your attention for a whole of 10 minutes. Humans has only 10. Seconds.
But then there is the comments section.That is something I can live without. Chicken soup had that going for it.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rolled Down.

This is a short piece I had written for some other blog a long long time ago.

She startled me . I dropped my Mocha. That was the last thing I needed after a long day.
I was furious and did not want to spare a single rupee for a smelly street urchin who had ruined my perfect coffee .
She wasn't among the ones who give up easily. She persisted. I screamed at her . The loudest I ever had.
I sat back in my car . Rolled up the window . She spat on the window.

She had second thoughts about ruining a perfect Sunday and spending a day in a remote village teaching kids.
Sure she had always wanted to do this . She found about ASHA a month ago.
Now there she was . A hot day . She wished for rain , so that they would cancel the whole thing.
But she knew it wouldn't.

I had detailed and washed my car just the other day . I was furious.

They were all of the 20 kids. Some of them bored .Some of them eager . Some of them just glad that they didn't have to work that day.
She was struggling to think of a Hindi word for 'addition' .And then
one of the kids asked her (in Hindi) ... Does everyone in your house love you?
No one had asked her that before. It was always a given .She realized though, that she couldn't ignore it like she would ignore a rhetoric . She replied yes and asked the kid , "Aur Tumhe?"
"Haan agar Ghar hota to jaroor pyar karte , didi" .

I rolled down the window . She spat on me.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Never worked a single day in my life!

My 10 minute commute to work presents a first world dilemma . Which radio station to tune in to.
You can almost predict which song is going to play next on the hip hop channels.
Its a hit or miss on the rock channels.

On one hand we have the NPR/BBC radio channel . African and Middle Eastern conflicts provide enough fodder for a couple of hours of airtime.On the other hand , we have the conservative talk shows rocking the AM like never before.

Conservative Talk shows ? Rush Limbaugh to be precise. I often listen to him . Makes me draw parallels with the Indian political scene. Folks with liberal leanings would find him to be a hate monger. And he does that , spread hate that is . Him and his type  mostly talk about how great USA once was . How it ruled the world and was a bastion of Individual freedom .It still is . But times have changed . What goes up must come down. Toning down the Capitalism rhetoric perhaps is need of the day.

I as an immigrant do not sympathize with his kind. Because I don't have anything to lose. Whatever I had , I already left behind 8 years ago.I try to tread carefully on the well tarred American roads. Whereas back home , even though the roads were full of potholes , those were mine. I cared.

If I were an immigrant in India I would absolutely hate the Saffron Brigade , the Shiv Sena... MNS. They are worthy of all the hate they receive ,that I agree.But somewhere deep inside I root for them. Coz my selfish self likes the fact that they hold up the interest of my community .. the one I cherish.

And So I think about Rush....

Anyways , the point was I did NOT tune into Rush the other day . It was Tony Bennet on NPR.I am not a fan . But I have heard his name a number of times. And I know he sings rat packesque songs.

He said something interesting .... He said ' I am lucky , I haven't worked a single day in my life'.
I envy him. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cold Beer and a Sunny Day

The other day we cashed a check at home . Yes , at home.Simply scanned the check via the phone camera and deposited it in the bank, online!I knew that people have been doing this for a while now. However it never fascinated me as much till I got down to doing it myself.It is because I have not hated anything more than actually going down to the bank and depositing a check.

I have not set foot in a bank in years ( read 2 :p) . Honestly , I have never been a people person. Even calling Customer Service on the phone irks me. I 'd rather chat with them online. And the with the advent of social media, cutting edge mobile phones... absolutely everything comes home on my palm sized Android Phone .

Things are moving pretty fast around me.You don't want to get left behind nor do you want to leave anything behind. Tricky world.Carrying the burden of dreams of aspirations definitely muffle the skip and hop you were looking forward to.I think I need a cold beer and a Sunny Day.And its not even Friday!

Monday, May 03, 2010

What Happened .. Happened

This is one of the most used lines in 'LOST' . If you don't really follow 'LOST',it could be a bit misleading , This is not a poswt about LOST . But there is a point I wish to make .
'Whatever Happened .. Happened' . We can try to change our past( thats possible only in LOST !) , however nature finds a way to lead us to the same destination... no matter what path you take .

Let us put this in the context of a 'normal' life. We are not zipping through time and parallel universes.But it still makes sense.
Now it would be too brazen to say that there is never ever a choice. But I think nature has a funny way of nudging us towards things which are destined to happen :) . Now I do not particularly base this upon any life changing events in my life. Just the little everyday happenings.

Well.. ok... there have been a few life changing events in my life which appeared to be accidental . I look back now and see a pattern . But then I would never want to make the mistake of assuming that one cannot change whats going to happen .
We definitely can .But if you are tired of wrestling life at every step ... no harm in sitting back and watch it do its thing . It will never be too long before you spot a shooting star as you lay on your back staring at a clear starlit sky on a warm night.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Aneeket was searching for his ipod for the last 2 weeks... he cleaned up his room, his car in the process... and then it gets a bit colder and he reaches out for his Jacket hanging behind the door and there it is .. in the jacket pocket... strange are the ways of whoever manages the lost & found business up there .. :) "

That was my status update a few weeks ago .